3 Mad Cool bands you should listen to

Mad Cool, Madrid’s very own summer music festival, had a huge lineup in its past 3rd edition. These three bands may have remained unnoticed. We would like to share them with you.

Wolf Alice


Londoner alt-rockers which have a 90s indie sound with some grunge vibes. They have two studio albums: ‘My Love Is Cool’ (2015) and ‘Visions of a Life’ (2017). Their latest even won the 2018 Mercury Prize. They received a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Performance and have reached No. 2 in the UK Charts. “You can join us if you think you’re wild”, says their frontwoman Ellie Rowsell.

Listen to ‘Giant Peach’



Experimental, post-rock and even prog-metal band from Madrid, Spain. They have six albums behind them: ‘Toundra’ (2008), ‘II’ (2010), ‘III’ (2012), ‘I’ (2013), ‘IV’ (2015) and ‘Vortex’, released earlier in 2018. Their extraordinary album cover artwork is normally handled by Chelsea Greene Lewyta, it’s really worth to check out. The band is currently on their latest album ‘Vortex’ tour, playing several cities in Spain until January 2019.

‘IV’ artwork by Chelsea Greene Lewyta

Listen to ‘Mojave’

The Bloody Beetroots


Italian DJ Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo created the ‘The Bloody Beetroots’ electronic dance music project back in 2006. With three studio albums, ‘Romborama’ (2009), ‘Hide’ (2013) and ‘The Great Electronic Swindle’ (2017), the band is known for their eclectic dance-punk performances and their black mask appearances on stage.

Listen to ‘Butter’


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